OLCC processors

Processors also can take Producer-Donated extraction material, (flower, leaf trim), process it, and transfer any extract to an OLCC Cannabis Retailer and the OLCC Retailer Can Discount any transaction to $0.00 for OMMP patients or caregivers.

Working with existing processors to help them off-set the logistical planning, travel, packaging, and labeling that is required for charitable gifting is something we are looking forward to doing all over the state. High potency cannabinoid therapies are what are dearly needed and what was sorely lost when the OMMP was denigrated by Prop91's successive bills being voted into law instead of veto'd.

Reach out and lets begin planning our collaboration to preserve, cultivate, and mitigate solutions for patients!

For the full language of the Oregon Revised Statutes on Cannabis, click here:


For Questions, Concerns, Further Info:

info@projectscarecrow.org | 503-779-7755 Cannaclatch@gmail.com | 503-897-0092

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