I am the President and founding member of Confidential Therapeutics, LLC, a cannabinoid education/advocacy project for medical providers and their patients. I have a diverse and nontraditional nursing background in occupational health & safety, medical utilization/case management and scientific research, including human endocannabinoid therapy. After my BS in Nursing, I performed work in traditional roles of acute care/hospital nursing (Neurology, med/surg, intensive/coronary care); years later, I was fortunate to receive a NIOSH-funded grant for a Master's degree in Occupational Health, Safety & Business at UW Seattle, WA. NIOSH then had a Regional office in Seattle, which had a wealth of experience & knowledge. I then worked on complex projects in many sectors: manufacturing, military, space, petrochemicals and food/beverage industries. My background in nursing began as a psychiatric aide in a Pennsylvania state hospital; I was a health educator & advocate before that experience, and became even more passionate directly helping patients heal from the barbaric reality of "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" type treatments, such as ECT and frontal lobotomies… my recent experience in the Cannabis sector since 2014 has been to immerse in the culture, legends, myths and folklore of cannabis ( aka "marijuana") growers, and participate in all phases, from grow to shelf. This initial grounding and direct involvement in the Legislative policy in Oregon helped sharpen my focus as to what was needed to support novel nonlethal, therapeutic treatments for chronic pain, instead of narcotics. The science discoveries along the way and the continuous advancement in scientific knowledge has led me to advocate for the kind of patient-centered support system like Project:Scarecrow (P:S). As far as I know, P:S is the only potential system of it's scale in Oregon, and perhaps the U.S. Oregon has accomplished some noteworthy progress for cannabis as medicine, and P:S follows the passion of patient advocates toward more outreach/success, for those most in need.

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