Building Character

Your scarecrow avatar is a caricature of you rather than a literal scarecrow. The idea is this: The avatar is you. Dress it up in a manner that fits your personality. Your avatar can be short or tall, slim, heavy set or someplace in between but two features must remain consistent; The featureless mirror face must always be present and the outfit design must include our Leaf & Seed device/ logo. This ensures that there is no mistaking that no matter how you dress up your scarecrow avatar, our connection is undeniable. We would like to invite creatives of all types to join us in crafting a scarecrow avatar that is unique to you. You can use any visual media art medium to create your avatar; drawing, painting, photography, cosplay, animation, film, etc. We are planning public events where crafters and artisans will be invited to showcase their P:S avatar/ themed work. Keep checking our website and social media accounts for dates and updates for events and showcases. We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations. Until then stay creative and love each other.

Dale Petersdorf

CEO/ Founding member


Sunday May 26th 2019

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